The Dragon Boat Schools Project is an opportunity to engage teenagers in a fun team sport. Training the children in this dynamic water sport, which is accessible to participants of all levels of fitness, provides an excellent opportunity to promote a positive attitude to physical activity.

National and international research clearly indicates that physical activity and a healthy lifestyle can reduce the chances of getting cancer by 30-40% plus reduce the levels of obesity. Encouraging regular physical exercise from the earliest possible age is desirable. There is a need to communicate this message with children in a non-preached manner and particularly during teenage years where a lot of children opt out of sports. Dragon boating is accessible and fun and as a new sport very attractive to beginners and those who dislike the standard school sports. It is ‘do able’ from the outset and really engages the participants. Dragon boating helps develop a high level of fitness and is a great team sport.

Liaison with the S.P.H.E. teacher in the schools will ensure the factual classroom based information is shared with the children. Our goal is to get the children active and out on the water. The communication of the health promotion message to the participants will be delivered in a practical, real and meaningful way.

With a new U18s race category being offered in our regattas it will provide the children with a goal to continue with the water sport.

If you want more information and costings, please do not hesitate to contact us.