Monday, 3rd March 2014 – Breast cancer advocacy group Europa Donna Ireland, The Irish Breast Cancer Campaign, today announced details of a national Dragon Boat Roadshow. Dragon boating is an ancient Chinese sport that sees up to 20 paddlers take to the water in a single boat, and it has become increasingly popular in Ireland in recent years. With international research indicating that physical activity and a healthy lifestyle can reduce one’s chances of being diagnosed with cancer, the Dragon Boat Roadshow aims to increase public awareness of the sport and the health benefits it offers for everyone.

For those who have had a diagnosis of breast cancer and other cancers, dragon boating provides a positive, fun way to reintroduce or indeed introduce physical activity into one’s life. Europa Donna Ireland will use the Roadshow to engage with the public, helping to eliminate some of the myths and fears surrounding the perception of breast cancer and to validate the message that physical activity is beneficial at all stages of our lives. Research has shown that dragon boating can aid those undergoing treatment for breast cancer in managing certain symptoms.

The Roadshow is being made possible through the support of the Coca-Cola Thank You Fund. Europa Donna Ireland was one of eleven organisations to benefit from €125,000 distributed through the Fund last year. It received a grant of €10,000 towards the project.

Speaking today, Dympna Watson, Chairperson, Europa Donna Ireland, said:

“We are thrilled to launch the Dragon Boat Roadshow today, which we hope will spread awareness of dragon boating in Ireland. The sport is hugely popular around the world and people in this country have begun to see the benefits it offers in terms of providing an engaging way to get active. Regular physical activity is beneficial for all our health, and it has been shown that those undergoing treatment for breast cancer can benefit from dragon boating through managing certain side effects, such as lymphoedema, a chronic swelling of the arm. Dragon boating is a brilliant way to get moving, and, with up to 20 people in each boat, the sport provides a social outlet as well. I would encourage everyone to attend the event happening nearest them around the country as part of the Roadshow.”

Erica Roseingrave, Public Affairs and Communications Manager, Coca-Cola HBC Ireland, said:

“The Coca-Cola Thank You Fund makes awards to voluntary organisations promoting active lifestyles all over Ireland. We seek for innovative ideas which will capture people’s attention and which will encourage those who don’t participate in physical activity to introduce it into their lives. Through its Dragon Boat Roadshow, Europa Donna Ireland will introduce an ancient sport to an Irish audience for the very first time, and we are delighted to support its roll-out in locations across the country.”

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Notes to the Editor

Details of the Europa Donna Dragon Boat Roadshow

Letterkenny       Gartan Outdoor Education Centre            Thursday, 3rd April 2014

Galway              Galway Rowing Club                                      Friday, 4th April 2014

Limerick            UL Activity Centre, Killaloe                           Saturday, 5th April 2014

Athlone             Baysport, Hodson Bay                                   Sunday, 6th April 2014