Forming A Club



  1. Do your research. Google is a great tool to find out exactly what dragon boating is all about. Maybe even ask an existing club if you could come along and give it a try.
  2. Ensure there is a specific demand for a club in your area. If there is already a club locally then there may not be the need or capacity for another.
  3. Have you access to a suitable stretch of flat water that is preferably non-tidal and wide enough to turn a dragon boat around. The boats are 40 feet long!
  4. Can you store the dragon boat, paddles and buoyancy aids securely? A boat weighs 250kg so can be either left on the water or lifted off and stored under covers or in a shed or container.
  5. Brainstorm how you are going to finance the equipment. Check out local grant schemes, contact the Local Sports Partnerships and plan own fundraising events.
  6. Set up a Club Committee. As a minimum you will need a Chairperson, Treasurer and Secretary. Other committee roles could include Social Secretary, Child Protection Officer, Coach, Safety Officer.
  7. Set up the Club Governance. This will include a Club Constitution, membership and bank account.
  8. Register with the Governing Body, the Irish Dragon Boat Association who will then include you in all their information distribution and approve you as a registered club.
  9. Set club training dates, aims and objectives.
  10. Look for potential members, hold an open night, get publicity through newspapers, advertise locally, use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and a website.

The IDBA are here for support and information, so please contact us if you are unsure of anything

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