Why do we need to be a member?

As the sport of dragon boating continues to expand in Ireland it is essential that it develops and grows in a safe and inclusive way. The IDBA aims to achieve the highest standards and facilities for dragon boating in this country and we work to ensure that this will happen with the support of all those involved in the sport.

Who needs to be a member?

  • Any club participating in dragon boat activities in the island of Ireland.
  • Individuals who hold a helming or coaching qualification in order to validate their qualification.
  • Individuals who are members of the International Irish Dragon Boat Squad.
  • Individuals who operate as Race Officials for the IDBA.
  • Any Association who endorses dragon boating or carries out dragon boat activities who are not clubs e.g. Activity Centres.

What is the membership used for?

  • General running of the Irish Dragon Boat Association Limited.
  • Providing information and advice on dragon boating.
  • Providing and managing a development programme for the sport, including provision of equipment.
  • Assisting with individual and club development.
  • Organisation of dragon boat regattas.
  • Promotion of the sport through various forms of media.
  • Providing a comprehensive website.
  • Development and publication of a range of literature.
  • Development and management of the Coaching and Officiating Awards Scheme to encourage safe practise in the sport.
  • Development of the international race teams.
  • Representation of the IDBA with national, government and international organisations.

Types Of Membership

Fees for all classes of membership are set by the IDBA Executive Committee and are renewable on the 1st January each year.

Individual Membership

Club Membership

Associate Membership

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