Well it is certainly not every day you get a thank you like this one.

“Dear Governing Bodies and Sports Coordinators,
I am writing to simply say a massive Thank You to you all for your amazing efforts, energy, enthusiasm and professionalism in delivering 2013WPFG. The ambition was to deliver the Friendliest Games ever and the WPFG Federation have now officially confirmed that Belfast now holds the title not only as The friendliest Games ever but also the Best Games ever.
Without you none of this would have been possible and we, the Sports Delivery Team, are deeply indebted to you. I believe that there is now a recognition within the WPFG Federation, the Belfast WPFG Team and Government that without you the Games could not have taken place. They too should be deeply indebted to you. Can I please ask that you share this email with each and every person who was involved with you in the delivery of your sport.
We will be in contact regarding a final get together where we can say a face to face thank you but in the meantime I hope you enjoy a well-earned break and please enjoy basking in the post Games euphoria.
Johnny Davis
 2013 WPFG
Head of Sports